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Commercial baby rice

Author Philippa Murphy

Commercial baby rice

Most of us are taught that Commercial Baby Rice is the best first food to start our baby's on, yet is it really? Is it healthy for our infants to have to get used to five ingredients all at once, with some of those being less than healthy for their ever changing digestive tract - which incidentally takes two years to fully develop. 

The first ingredients of commercial baby rice is of course ground rice. Not such a bad option on the surface but if we dig a little further we learn that this rice is effectively sugar because human’s turn carbohydrates to sugar. Now, your baby requires a balanced intake of carbohydrates for energy but in my opinion, there is a healthier option available which is easier on their digestion - I will speak of this shortly.

Most manufactured baby rice's also has two different flours – Maize and Soy. Maize flour is basically corn ground down. The nutrients of maize is good but your baby will be receiving all the nutrients they require from their milk, whether breast for formula fed. As for the Soy Flour, it is commonly known that soy products have grave effects on our health because a compound in the soy plant acts like oestrogen. The US Food and Drug Administration stated at a conference that, ‘it would be foolish to ignore the possibility that some phytoestrogens constitute a developmental hazard.’ The use of soy in baby rice is one of the biggest reasons that I believe it shouldn't be given to newborns. 
Baby rice also has traces of wheat and milk. Now, when we hear the word traces we automatically think that can’t be much? But even traces can mean a lot for your baby’s digestive system. For example, if the traces of milk are dairy then this may place unnecessary pressure on your baby's digestive system. Why? Because all humans are born with a dairy intolerance. Yes, that may surprise you. We all struggle to break down the casein and whey (the proteins) in dairy when born. Consumption of dairy before one year of age can also lead to an overload of fat which places pressure on organs to perform abnormally. As for wheat, well suffice to say that wheat isn’t what it used to be when our grandmother’s ate it. 

Which food is a healthy option for your baby's first foray into solids?

Red Kumera. Red Kumera is rated as one of the most nutritious of all vegetables. They have a good source of antioxidants, dietary fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, a form of Vitamin A and are naturally gluten free. Red Kumera is also easier on your baby's digestive system than Gold or Orange Kumera. I recommend adding a tiny drop of olive oil to the teaspoon of Kumera before feeding, this will help your baby’s bowel motions as their digestive system learns how to breakdown this new food.

Last Updated: 18 August 2015