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Maintaining a pacifier

Author Philippa Murphy

Maintaining a pacifier

All pacifiers need to be replaced at some point. However, there is no exact time when they should be discarded. This depends on their use. Wear and tear between the silicon and plastic of the pacifier is common. When this happens, you will hear a slight sound of air releasing when the silicon is pushed together, or you will see water inside the teat after sterilising.  A worn pacifier can cause your baby to swallow more air, so check them regularly.

Pacifiers can get a build-up of gunk between the soother and the outer plastic join. Make sure this is clean. You can sterilise them in a steriliser or alternatively by running them under boiling water. Allow them to cool before use because they do retain the heat. Never leave your pacifier sitting in boiling water to sterilise, this will make it perish more quickly.


Last Updated: 07 January 2016