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Parent Review of BabyCues Book

Author Seema

Parent Review of BabyCues Book

Hi Philippa. How are you? Sometimes god brings angels into your life. If your faith is strong enough among the storm and you can see the light in times of darkness you are able to recognise the angels. You are one of them! I don’t believe in coincidences.

I wish I knew your book before I gave birth. I truly believe that had I known, my baby wouldn’t be suffering from reflux. I haven’t even finished your book yet but the simplicity, the information, the logic, the explanations all just make perfect sense to me. After speaking to you and starting your book there is a difference in my little girl. Yes grunting is still there, struggling through feeds but now I am persevering. You have given me the gift of awareness. The little groans after a burp, previously thinking something was wrong but now knowing it’s the air moving after the release. No tapping on back when burping and the benefits of a dummy, the need to suck and the myths of the stressed hour and how cluster feeding actually doesn’t exist.

>We went to our first consultant pediatrician appointment, not an emergency one like our last time, and the pediatrician started by saying a few things were normal. Since I had started to read your book I looked her straight in the eye, found my voice and trusted my instincts and said, ‘no this is not normal.’ She looked at me like I was mad and realised I meant business. Without your book I would have faffed around and acted as though she was the expert of my baby. I mean who knows my baby more than me? Really! Normal? Vomiting, crying, and drowning while feeding. No, it’s not normal and do your job properly!!! That’s the look I gave her.

I really don’t know why your book is not plastered all over the FB groups. Is it not allowed? Can I add your link and give you reviews for recommending your BabyCues book? Your book is a revolution and should be a world best seller! I believe it can and will truly change people lives!

My little girl is much happier, more comfy, more smiley, not arching, not bending so much and generally more ‘normal’ since we last spoke. I haven’t even got to Nature’s Wind Sequence yet but she has gone from the 2nd Digestive Degree of Communication (2ndDDC) to 1st Digestive Degree of Communication (1stDDC) more frequently in last week and I am able to soothe and comfort her more knowing what is happening to her biology system. It’s helped me understand what she needs more emotionally too as well as feeding and routine. If she wakes an hour after falling asleep in the evening I would usually feed her. But now I burp her! Fancy that. Fancy feeding on top of 140mls just because she woke and I need her to sleep again. You think the top up works because it knocks them out and their body goes limp making you think their hunger is satisfied but it’s not, it’s Digestive Overload. You are a genius! Thank you so much! xxx

Last Updated: 14 August 2017