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BePure and BabyCues Event

Author Philippa Murphy

BePure and BabyCues Event

In May 2017 Ben Warren, clinical director and founder of BePure arrived in Rangiora, North Canterbury on his 'What's Your Health Story National Tour.' Having discovered my teachings at my BabyCues Clinic and feeling that 'this information is valuable and I'd like to help it get out there because it needs to be heard', Ben extended an invitation to accompany him onto his stage, which I of course accepted.

It was a fantastic night! I personally found Ben's talk VERY informative and came away with many helpful tips to implement into my own life. I also got to experience, first-hand, the similarities within our work. We are both strong advocates on how to naturally obtain digestive health in order to live life with optimal health, energy and happiness, or in the case of newborns, with calm and the optimum opportunity for mental and physical health. Much of Ben's information has a focus on what many health professionals do not tell you about the basics of digestive health, while empowering us with natural tools and logical reasons why some of these problems manifest - that might sound familiar to those that have learnt about BabyCues clinical research and methods.

I thoroughly enjoyed our night together Ben and very much look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for helping this information become more known!


Last Updated: 28 May 2017