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To the mum who...

Author Lucy White

To the mum who...

I belong to a Silent Reflux Facebook Group where I have been invited to share my information with the mother's there that struggle with silent reflux and the like. On visiting one day I found this poem from a mother whom obviously knew exactly what it was like to have a baby that was unsettled, screaming and suffering from reflux. I wrote to her asking if I could share her words. Thank you Lucy for saying yes!

To the mum who...
Was old but new
Could but couldn't
Loved it but hated it
Triumphed but failed
Was there, but ‘there’ was so far

To the new mum who…
Cried because she couldn't cope but every day got up to cope again
Laughed and smiled, and then smiled and cried
Who thought about leaving,
Who thought about breaking,
Who thought about adoption.

To the new mum who…
Lived the unpredictable,
With crying that went on for one, two, four or more hours
A cry that was embarrassing in public
But still the make-up went on at silly o’clock cos it meant you could leave the house

To the new mum who…
Tried to ask for help but tried to hide her feelings
Who stopped going out cos of baby’s crying
Who was totally exhausted
Far too tired,
Didn't care, had to care
Who fed the family, but didn't want to
Who battled
Tried harder
Knew, and knew some more,
Whom instincts were right
Loved her baby more than the world itself
And got there in the end.

To the mum that struggled with her feelings, its ok!
I know how you feel, because you were me. 

Last Updated: 02 June 2017