Mother Love and gratitude

Author Philippa Murphy

Mother Love and gratitude

So simple, uplifting, in the present and free...

How often throughout your day do you thank your lucky stars for your child? For the way their tiny newborn hand curls around you finger, holding on for dare life to what they instinctively love – you! Or perhaps it’s the way your toddlers hand feels so warm and smooth within yours as you walk to the supermarket? How many times does that often overwhelming gush of melting loving wash over you? Most of us Mums would reply so often I can’t count. Yes, there are those moments when we have to count to ten, AGAIN – especially for a veracious four year old, believe me! But this is thankfully, gratefully always soothed with the restorative flow of mother love that renews us time and time again.

In my Inspire Kindness workshops that I am touring with this year, I talk about the law of the universe. It states that ‘what we focus on we attract.’ Now there may be some of you that think, yeah right, what a load of baloney but think about. I believe most of us have had those experiences in life where we can say this has happened, whether it be thinking of a friend and then bumping into them or they phone, or whether it be a bigger focus and dream coming to fruition. Personally, thankfully, I have had this copious times in my life. So, with this law of attraction known, why not illuminate, focus and brew more of the refuelling mother love for ourselves and others? We can do that by implementing one small act into our daily lives…

Taking a few moments to write those feelings into a gratitude journal

This is the latest thing that I am doing to both refuel myself and attract more for others, while knowing I will one day gift this book to my son so he can refuel with my mother love, whether I am physically here or not. Just thinking about adopting this practice over the last week has made me even more aware of how many times I am grateful for him. How many times he fills me up with love and because of this, I am now verbalising the specifics of why I love him with him e.g. I told him last night that I love the way his smooth skin feels in my hand when we hold hands, as I held his hand in bed for our night time snuggle. He patted my hand and with so much emotional depth in his voice and yet so much simplicity he said, ‘I love you Mum.’ Argh – nothing like it hey! Let’s create more of that good stuff huh!

So, I challenge you to take 5-10 minutes a day to focus on those moments of mother love and jot them down in a journal. Or perhaps it’s not an everyday thing for you, but a once a week thing. You’ll find your own flow with it of course. Please feel free to let me know how this transforms things for you and your child, or perhaps you are already doing this and would like to share your experience? I would love to hear it!

Just imagine, if all of the mothers worldwide took time to focus on our gratitude for mother love as  the heart centered ritual that it is, imagine the possible transformation that that could bring throughout our individual lives and, as the law of the universe goes, our world as a whole. Why wouldn’t we want more of that mother love? Let’s throw it around like confetti.

Happy writing everyone x

P.S. While the focus here is on mother love because of Mother’s Day being celebrated in my country as I write this, father love is just as important! So if you are a Dad reading this, or you have a partner that might like the gratitude journal idea for his refuelling, and for it to perhaps be given to his child one day, then the more of that the better too.


Last Updated: 01 May 2018