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Author Philippa Murphy

Philippa's Profile

I live and work in...

I live in North Canterbury, NZ. As a international postnatal educator, author, and founder/director of BabyCues - Nurture with Nature, I specialise in teaching parent how to naturally prevent and remedy colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload for their newborns.

My earliest memory is...

Making mud pies with my twin brother and burying our cars in them.

When I was a child I wanted to be...

A writer. I was inspired by watching too much Anne of Green Gables.

My guiltiest pleasure is...

Eggs Benedict with salmon - scrumptious.

I relax by...

Dabbling in oil painting and drawing - just to immerse meself in creativity is bliss.

I often wonder...

Why we don't teach children that the sky starts as soon as it leaves the ground, that we walk in the heavens.

When did you start reading The Space?

I'm actually new to the delights of The Space but am now an avid fan as I find it very inspiring for my son't coming years of creativity.

What is the most amazing thing you have learned from a child recently?

A child I know was taken to a beach at the age of five. He had also been to the same beach when he was two. He said to his Grandad, 'I've been here before Grandad.' "Do you remember that?' Grandad replied. 'Yes.' While demonstrating his next words by running his hands up from his left-hand foot, up to his head and down to his right foot he said, 'all my good times go up the left-hand side of my body and stay there (pointing to his head) and all the bad things go out of my right.' Such simple innocence, beautifully wise.

What is your hot tip for parent involvement and belonging?

Remain present when with your child - be one. 

What is your most useful tip for settling children?

OH so many, but for newborns - learn their digestive biology and nurture within this.

Last Updated: 04 June 2015