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Infant reflux solved

Author Philippa Murphy

Infant reflux solved

Murphy has spent more than 25 years working in various roles in childcare and now teaches parents techniques on Bio-logical Winding (life-logical winding), helping them to recognise Six-Wind-Cues for their baby.

She says these cues are largely being misread and can be one of the biggest cause of reflux in babies.

'When people are new parents there is so much to take on board and learn, and with sleep deprivation it's a tough road, so add in other complications such as reflux and colic and parents can have a very difficult time. It can interfere with precious moments and bonding with the baby,' Murphy says.

Her approach focuses on the biology of the newborn and helping parents understand the causes of the condition, such as overfeeding.

She also offers advice on natural remedies and gives parents techniques to release wind naturally. Murphy says the majority of the time people are already consumed with the problems of caring for a baby suffering from colic or reflux, 'But I think prevention is definitely better than the cure.' 

Mum to one year old Elijah, Murphy has worked for royalty and high profile mothers like actress Kate Winslet. She now offers parents one-on-one consultations from her home in Rangiora. 

Murphy has also written a book, BabyCues, to share the knowledge she has gained from her research and her own experiences caring for babies suffering from reflux. She hope her book will give new parents techniques and advice to help prepare for the arrival of their baby. The BabyCues book can be obtained from Wee Kiwi in Rangiora or online from

Last Updated: 04 June 2015